Our Story

A lot has changed since opening our doors in 1993.

Two decades ago Salon Blue co-owners MK and Kat were determined to create a truly inspired salon, one that was fresh, fun and constantly evolving.

beauty = confidence = power

Was their mantra then, and it is still strong today.

When we started out, we had a strong passion to be great hairdressers but we also wanted to bring that out in others, to develop a loyal clientele while also developing the craft – ours and our staff. We wanted to keep up with modern trends, and to this day we build time into our schedules to study and learn from the world’s most creative experts in hairdressing. When we bring new stylists onto our team, we make sure that coaching and creative practice is part of their ongoing experience.

From the beginning, we wanted to make sure our clients would be satisfied long after they left the salon, so part of our craft is making sure we find products that give them the best results in salon and at home; color that enriches, smells refreshing, and lasts; and cuts that are easy to manage and replicate.